sexta-feira, 4 de setembro de 2015

An integrated simulation process using ANSYS, Virtual.PYXIS, SpaceClaim, MAGMA and DesignXplorer

Topology optimization methodology has become an important trend for engineering design. It transforms an extended not defined geometry in an innovative design with minimum weight and maximum stiffness or maximum vibration frequency, promoting a reduction in the time required for engineering development design cycle. It deliveries a broad range of structural improvements including less weight, greater efficiency, better performance, reduced energy needs and overall development costs.
Many different manufacturing conditions can be applied to a new design: casting, injection molding, forging. The evolution of additive manufacturing contributes to topology optimization methodology because that procedure gives much more flexibility and new possibilities to an optimized component. Also known as 3D printing, additive manufacturing does not restrict the design when compared to standard processes like casting and injection molding.
An integrated simulation procedure has been applied to a lightweight design of an engine mount support, considering the following steps:

·         Starting from a concept
·         Topology optimization of a nonlinear static analysis
·         CAD remodeling
·         Parametric optimization for maximum stress reduction in critical regions
·         Final static validation considering the residual stress from casting simulation

For more information, watch the video!

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