segunda-feira, 9 de março de 2015

Virtual.PYXIS was placed in the top three winners of “Foundation Prize” award.

Every year the Hannover Impuls promotes, together to the main sponsors and partners (Sparkasse Hannover, Enercity Proklima, T3N Digital Pioneers and Radio 21) an entrepreneur competition between companies called “STARTUP-IMPULS”. This competition has 4 categories: Idea Prize, Foundation Prize, Academic Prize and Smart Energy. This year 145 companies attended the competition and, Virtual.PYXIS has award the second position in the category “Foundation Prize”. It was an honor to attend the competition, because it happens in a very high level in terms of knowledge and the business itself. Virtual.PYXIS has 2 location offices, the first one is located in Hannover at Technologie Zentrum in Wissenschaftspark and other in Chicago at University Tech Park at Illinois Institute of Technology. To have more information about the competition, please visit the website

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