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The topology optimization software you need

Virtual.PYXIS is a non-parametric structural optimization software recommended for engineers and designers who need to design innovative components and assemblies with reduced mass.
The software is able to handle from simple to complex optimization situations, also involving nonlinear analysis features (plasticity and contact) and compliant mechanism systems.
The software has a state of art algorithm, which permits to achieve more weight reduction while keeping the same level of stiffness.
Virtual.PYXIS has been created to fill the gap between academic research and what is available to the market.
As it is solver independent, Virtual.PYXIS takes full advantage of the optimization potential and flexibility.

Ansys Workbench Integration

Main Advantages 

- Solver independent
- It uses ANSYS and ABAQUS solver during optimization cycles
- Optimization of nonlinear situations (geometric, material, finite slide contact)
- Very robust and modern filter technics based on projection and heaviside methods
-The manufacturing constraints are mathematically formulated, more than 26 combinations are avaliable
- Good treatment of the sensibilities achieving more weight reduction while keeping the same level of stiffness
- Unique solution for complex analysis like compliant mechanisms

More informations visit: www.virtualpyxis.com

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